Grading Policy

Netball is a graded, competitive sport. To ensure success for all our teams, it is necessary to grade player into teams of similar ability. West Ryde Rovers (WRR) Netball grading guidelines outlines that all junior players will be graded into teams based on their level of skill and ability, commitment and sportsmanship. (Please note that the 7, 8 and 9 year age groups will not be graded excluding 1 graded 9 years team).

The grading process is very complex and there are many difficulties in trying to construct teams that are balanced yet have varying playing positions. WRR hope that parents and players understand that our goal is to ensure that players are placed in teams in a fair and equitable manner. Parents and players should also be aware that teams will not always remain together the following year. Within such a large club, there will always be new registrations and along with differing development rates of players,  movement in and out of teams will be inevitable. Please see our Grading Policy for further information.

The grading committee is comprised of the Grading and Development coordinator, as well as senior members of WRR. This includes current or previous members of the committee, and experienced past and present coaches. No grading committee member will grade their own child.

Attendance at Grading Sessions

All juniors players must trial in their own age group (i.e. the age that they are turning that calendar year). Grading for junior players is compulsory, excluding 7, 8 and 9 year age groups (not including 1 graded 9 years team). All players are required to have their registration fees paid in full via Play HQ as a member of WRR Netball Club to be able to take the court at grading. (Please see Registration page for more information).

GRADINGS FOR 2024 Winter Competition 

Saturday 17th Feb


10yrs sign on at 8am, for a 8.15am start

11yrs sign on at 9am, for a 9.15 start

12yrs sign on at 10am, for a 10.15 start

13yrs sign on at 11am, for a 11.15 start

14yrs sign on at 12pm, for a 12.15pm start

15yrs/Cadets sign on at 1pm, for a 1.15pm start


 at Meadowbank Park Netball Courts. 

* age group according to the age your child is turning during 2024

 If your child will be absent from the grading session for their age group, please notify Michelle Downs - Grading and Development Coordinator before the day of grading via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Grading with Friends

Playing With Friends Requests (for graded teams) needs to be in writing in the online registration form via Play HQ at the time of registration stating the reasons or by emailing the Grading Coordinator : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to grading day. Where a request to play with friends has been made, the players (if all agree) will be placed in the team at the level of the lowest graded player.

Players Playing Out of Their Age Group

WRR policy is that all players play within teams of their own age group. However there may be exceptions to this rule. During grading, should the Grading and Development Coordinator identify a player of exceptional talent for whom a team of similar ability does not exist within their own age group, then that player may be offered the opportunity to play in a higher age group. In addition, should the Club have insufficient player registrations in adjacent age groups to form full teams, players may be requested to play up an age group in order to form a team of composite age. In such instances, the players asked to play up an age group will be selected based on them being of similar ability to the other players in the team in which they will be placed.

Methods of Grading

Grading will consist of several processes and include the following:

  1. A coach's evaluation report (written and verbal) provided at the end of the previous season. These reports are confidential and are only seen by the Grading and Development Sub-Committee.
  2. An overall team assessment made by the Grading and Development Sub-Committee who will observe players during the second half of the season.
  3. Practical grading where each player will take the court for 6 minutes for a minimum of 2 grading games in their nominated positions.

Team Announcements

Players will be notified of all team allocations via the WRR website. This timeline will be communicated to you on grading day.

Appeals and Disputes

Any appeals or disputes are to be in writing to the Club Secretary only via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and received within 24 hours of team postings on the WRR website. The grading committee must not be contacted directly. The decision of the WRR Management Committee is final and binding.