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 WRR Netball Modern Uniform   

West Ryde Rovers began life as a sporting club in 1956, by local resident Lester Harry Waud. He decided it was high time that the children of West Ryde were provided with some form of of organised sport, so he set about founding the West Ryde Rovers Sports and Social Club. Starting with football in the late 1950's, the club branched out to start a netball team (which was actually called basketball).

Rovers is committed to continually developing and promoting netball with our community. It is dedicated to securing a family friendly-orientated envionment, free from any form of intolerance, abuse or racism. 

 West Ryde Rovers has grown from strength to strength since its early years. It is now the largest club in Eastwood Ryde Netball Association due to the dedication and hard work of its committee over the years.


WRR Netball early years  



There have been a number of changes to the uniform over the years.

 In the beginning uniforms were hand made by committee members and some very helpful mothers! 


 WRR Netball Early years2   










WRR Netball Early years3 


  Over the years the uniform became more modern.



 WRR Netball Early years4

 Until the uniform of today.....


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